Mercury-Free Dentistry at Dr. Alexis DMD

In Dr. Alexis’ office we do not use any Amalgam based fillings. Traditional “silver” or “mercury” fillings are made of a substance called amalgam. Amalgam does contain mercury. We do not place these fillings or even keep the materials in our office.

Mercury is a known environmental and biologic toxin. For many years, though, it has been used as a component in dental fillings. As a result, for our health and the health of our clients, it is our policy not to offer mercury-containing fillings.

To further the well-being of our patients, we also safely remove and replace mercury amalgam (silver) fillings and minimize your exposure to mercury vapor. We then replace mercury fillings with those made of non-mercury, health-friendly materials.

When an amalgam filling needs to be removed it should be done with a dentist who is trained to correctly remove it as to avoid mercury being ingested into the body. Dr. Alexis places an Isodry unit to properly change amalgam restorations. An Isodry unit is a clear plastic barrier that has its own internal suction and will keep the area being worked on separate from the tongue, cheeks and throat. An additional benefit is that the unit is clear. If any amalgam filling material were to by chance get behind the Isodry Dr. Alexis will see it and clean the area before you were able to swallow that.

Depending on the size of the amalgam restoration, Dr. Alexis might decide to have you breathe pure oxygen to allow a pure air source. Some patients prefer to use nitrous oxide which would have two benefits, clean air and relaxation. Ask Dr. Alexis which precautions are right for you and your dental treatment.

When removing amalgam fillings, the vapor from the fillings releases into the air. To reduce exposure to our patients, dentists and assistants, we use negative ion generators during the removal process to capture the mercury in a filter.

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