Do you want straight teeth but do not want to wear traditional braces? Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that are changed every 2 weeks to straighten your teeth. The aligners are practically invisible so no one else will notice that you are wearing them. Soon the only thing people will notice is what a beautiful smile you have.

Dr. Alexis has been providing invisalign treatment since 2006. Due to her thorough training and expertise, she has treated even the most complicated cases. One of the many reasons, she likes invisalign for her patients is because they are able to clean their teeth like normal by simply removing the aligners. You can brush, floss and even whiten your teeth during your treatment. Unlike, traditional orthodontic brackets which are fixed, making it difficult for patient to be thorough. Unfortunately, patients that do not have excellent oral hygiene will end up with decay and periodontal (gum) issues.

There are many reasons that having straight teeth are beneficial to your health. Not only will you look better but having straight teeth makes them easier to clean. Oral infections such as periodontal disease have been linked to certain cancers, heart attacks and strokes. Ask Dr. Alexis today how you can help your body by straightening your teeth.

In the past, getting braces has meant years of painful adjustments and struggling with self-image. But since 1999, Invisalign has literally changed the face of orthodontics for over half a million satisfied patients.

Instead of wires or bands attached to the outside of your teeth where the world can see them, Invisalign treatment utilizes cutting edge technology to prepare a series of clear plastic molds of your teeth during each stage of alignment. Every two weeks, we will check on your progress and give you the next mold, or “aligner,” to keep your treatment on track.

The aligners are removable, making for easier eating, brushing and flossing. They move your teeth into place gradually, but in a much shorter length of time than normal braces – you’ll achieve results in six months to a year with Invisalign.

Invisalign can improve the smiles of anyone with crossbites, overbites, underbites, crowded teeth or teeth that are spaced too far apart.

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